How to prep for treatment.

All items subject to heat damage through melting, expansion or explosion must be removed from the treatment site.

Clothing should be placed on hangers prior to the treatment.

No personal affects should be brought with you on the day of treatment. This includes clothing. A fresh outfit should be prepared (including shoes) by running items through a dryer for 30 minutes and place in sealed plastic bag.

Successful Thermal Remediation is a partnership between the occupant and BC Bed Bug Expert.

Our goal is to eliminate the bed bug and its eggs. The goal is more likely to be reached if you are able to help in the preparation. Please use these instructions as your guide.

Items that must be removed from treatment areas or be protected

Pets – Including fish in aquariums

Please remove all money and value-ables

House Plants

Fresh Food – fruits, vegetables, etc.

Food that melts – chocolate, candy, etc.

Remove prescription and over the counter drugs or place in fridge

Remove all cosmetics, nail polish etc.

Remove all items containing any alcohol, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, medical prep pads etc.

Take down all plastic blinds the heat will make them droop & become unusable

Remove all firearms and ammo, gun powder fireworks etc.

Wax based items – Candles, wax figurines and fruit, lipstick

Anything pressurized – spray cans, fire extinguishers, oxygen bottles, hairspray, etc.

Flammables – Lighters, lamp fuel, alcohol, solvents, etc.

Wooden and stringed musical instruments – leave the cases

Family heirlooms and irreplaceable items should be inspected and a determination made as to whether they should be treated.


The bed bug will seek shelter on and within clothing. To avoid reintroducing bed bugs, any clothing removed from the space before a thermal remediation must be treated before being returned to the treated areas.Washing using the hottest water cycle and drying using the hottest dryer setting will treat most clothing.

Avoid contaminating the freshly washed clothing. Do not return the clean clothing to the container ( bag, basket, etc. ) it was transported in unless that container was also treated.

Clothing left in the heated space must be placed in open wave laundry baskets. clothing must be packed loosely. Tightly packed baskets will prevent lethal temperatures from reaching all items. Do not place clothing in plastic bags.

It may become necessary to remove the drawers from the dressers to help with the air movement so items in drawers should be removed, run through the dryer, bagged and put office or in a garage or balcony till after treatment.

Clothing on hangers may be left in closets if the space between the items is large enough to allow the heated air to circulate. Arrange hanging items to open up air space between them.

Larger fabric Items – Duvets, blankets, etc.

These items should be run through the dryer if possible or you can place them in an open weave laundry basket. Pack the items very loosely to allow for air circulation. Do not pack in plastic bags.

Papers, smaller items:

Thermal Remediation treatment requires moving large amounts of air to be successful. All items that can be blown around and possibly damaged need to be protected. Papers, smaller items: Loose papers need to be gathered and boxed. Glass items, knick-knacks etc. will need to be secured. Do not leave breakable items on shelves or other areas where damage could happen.

Pictures, paintings, and other wall mounted items will need to be taken down to prevent damage.


Televisions, computers, video players, stereos, etc.

Electronics are a hiding place for bed bugs; do not remove electronics from areas being treated. Switch all electronics to the off position.

Disconnect all electronic appliances by unplugging from the wall outlet.

Waterbeds and airbeds:

Waterbeds will need to be drained. If the waterbed is not drained, it will prevent the frame from reaching lethal temperatures. Air beds will need to be partially deflated to avoid damage. Select comfort type air beds with an electronic pump must be partially deflated and unplugged from the wall outlet.

If you have any questions regarding the prep or treatment please Call, text or e-mail us.

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