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Residents ‘decontaminated’ after bed bug spray prompts hazmat response, police say.

Bedbug news. A dog is decontaminated after a significantly high amount of residential pest control product was sprayed in their home.

Photo by Chris Post. A dog is decontaminated after a significantly high amount of residential pest control product was sprayed in their home.

Two people received medical treatment Sunday after using “a significantly high amount of residential pest control product” in their South Whitehall Township home, police said. Authorities at the scene Sunday said the product was a bed bug spray. Township officers and other emergency personnel at 3:44 p.m. were dispatched to a home in the 1400 block of North 21st Street for residents with difficulty breathing, police said. They determined that a pest control product used in a confined area of the home was responsible for the residents’ symptoms, police said. As reorted by Precious Petty –  Read full story here.

FTC Takes Action Against Companies Marketing Allegedly Unproven Natural Bed Bug Treatments such as Cedarcide, BestYet & RestEasy.

09/10/2012 – The Federal Trade Commission filed deceptive advertising charges against two  marketers of remedies for bed bug infestations. They allegedly failed to back up overhyped claims that they could prevent and eliminate infestations using natural ingredients. The ingredients such as cinnamon and cedar oil.  One marketer also allegedly made misleading claims that its products were effective against head lice. Bedbug news Read full story click here.

Bedbug sprays fail to kill even vulnerable insects in researchers’ test.

Bedbug News. A new study brings bad news for people fighting bedbug infestations and companies that sell over-the-counter insecticides. Ohio State University entomologists found that “bug bombs” and “foggers” , cheap, insecticide-spraying aerosols that have been marketed for decades as do-it-yourself alternatives to exterminators, were ineffective against even the most vulnerable of bedbugs. Bedbug news Read full story here.

Bed Bug Insecticides Causing Sickness, Officials Warn.

In the new study, the researchers looked at data on illnesses linked to bed bug eradication efforts. They were reported via a federally funded pesticide illness surveillance program. They found 111 such cases across seven states. Most of the cases, 93%, were among people who tried to solve a bed bug problem at home. Many of those who fell ill were workers such as EMS technicians and carpet cleaners who visited homes but had not been told that insecticides had recently been used. Bedbug news Read full story here.

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