Quote for Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is the perfect application for heavy infestations, sensitive areas, and anyone wishing to keep pesticides out of their home or facility.

Our certified Thermal Remediation staff will be glad to visit your place to inspect and design a treatment plan.

Here is the info we require to give you a quote:

1 – City you live in.

2 – Sq. footage of home.

3 – How many levels / what floor if an apt?

4 – Is there a heat sensor or sprinkler system?

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or Call: 250-730-1854

How to control bedbugs while waiting for treatment click here.

When you become aware of a bed bug infestation, it is time to go through all your belongings & throw away all your clutter. Cluttered conditions can offer the bed bugs a lot of excellent hiding places very near their human blood-meal hosts. Do not forget to throw things out in sealed plastic bags or wrapped in plastic so you are not dropping & spreading the infestation as you discard them.