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Nanaimo Bed Bug Services, we offer the most advanced bed bug removal services anywhere for Nanaimo and southern Vancouver Island.

Nanaimo Bed Bug Exterminators

BC Bed Bug is Nanaimo’s best choice for bed bug elimination. We provide you relief from bed bugs with only one treatment. Your satisfaction is our guaranteed!  We provide bed bug elimination using the safest, most effective, chemical free, non toxic method available for Nanaimo bed bug services.

If you have bedbugs you need help FAST!

Not just any pest control company. One who specializes in bed bugs. BC Bed Bug is Vancouver Island’s bed bug expert. We provide guaranteed relief from bed bugs with only one treatment. Your satisfaction with our service is guaranteed!  We provide bed bug elimination using heat. The safest, most effective, chemical free & non toxic method available. Nanaimo Bed Bug Services.

Our technology is especially safe for people with health issues. Problems such as immune disorders. Lung/breathing problems & allergies. Also pregnant & nursing women & homes with infants & children.

Heat is a superior eco-friendly solution to get rid of bed bugs. This non-chemical, non-toxic approach penetrates everything. Mattresses, clothing, & bedding. Couches, furniture & electronics.  Any other belonings infested by bugs. This process can actually save you thousands of dollars. You won’t have to discard infected items or go through repeated treatments.

Methods such as pesticides and other spot treatments are often counter-productive. They motivate bed bugs to spread and expand the infestation. Pesticides applied around baseboards and bed frames create a barrier between the bed bugs and the host. So bed bugs advance deeper into walls and spread throughout the house. They are now in search of a new blood sources. Once the infestation expands it becomes much more difficult to combat. Find out more…

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