What You Need to Know About Ozone Treatment
Health Canada Warns Canadians Not to Use Unregistered Bedbug Control Products

On February 23, Health Canada was made aware of the death of an infant and the serious injury of other family members from exposure to what appears to be a phosphine pesticide. A second child has since died as a result of this incident. This pesticide, which is highly toxic to humans and animals, was imported for personal use from abroad and was being used in the residence for the control of bedbugs. In Canada, phosphine pesticides can only be sold to individuals holding an appropriate pesticide applicator certificate or licence and are not approved for use on bedbugs. Health effects from exposure to phosphine can include severe injury or death.

Health Canada is also aware of other incidents involving the use of ozone generators (machines that produce ozone gas) for the control of bedbugs. Ozone generating devices are not safe to use and can cause respiratory problems including coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, and irritation of eyes, nose and throat.

Health Canada is warning Canadians of the extreme danger of using unregistered pest control products, including those imported from other countries or obtained when travelling abroad. The department reminds Canadians that pesticides should only be used according to the directions outlined on product labels. Read more…