Need us to do the Prep work.


If the preparation work is just too overwhelming or you do not have time, our Prep Service can handle the work for you.

Preparing a unit during heat treatment can ensure the job is done properly so we can ensure only one treatment is required.

Our techs do the prep during the heat treatment to ensure no cross contamination of bed bugs. This is also difficult work for them as they are working in very high heat to prep your property to ensure a successful ending.

Our Heat techs / Bed Bug Experts will safely take care of the removal of any items that are badly infested and are being thrown out. All items removed from the unit property will be placed in sealed plastic bags to avoid cross contamination.

Clothing that needs to be removed from drawers etc., will be run through a cycle in the dryer if there is one available. All other items will go into bags and be sealed.

Drawers, boxes or closets may require emptying & items placed in open airy laundry baskets to be treated. Then the drawers or closets can be effectively heat treated.

We can offer prep service for Single Family Homes | Hotels | Seniors Housing | Multi-Units | Apt/Condo Bldgs. | Commercial etc.

  • Note: This is as long as you are using our treatment services, we do not prep for other companies treatments.


Thermal Remediation Experts are proud to use a safe, non-toxic heat treatment, this ensures your valuable property is protected. Your peace of mind will never come at a cost to your health or the environment.

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