Prep for Treatment

How to prepare for Thermal Remediation treatment.

The day before treatment a fresh outfit should be prepared (including shoes) by running items through a dryer for 30 minutes and place in sealed plastic bag. On the morning of treatment just before you leave, our crew will let you know it’s time to get changed. You then put on the fresh clothing and leave. Do not sit down after you have fresh clothes on just leave immediately after getting dressed.

Thing to remove:

  • Wax based items – Candles, wax figurines and fruit, lipstick, oil paintings – meltables

  • Clothing:
 All clothing in drawers & closets such as towels, sheets, personal clothing will need to go through the drying 1/2 full to allow for good air flow, using the hottest dryer setting for about 30 minutes.
    Avoid contaminating the freshly washed clothing. Do not return the clean clothing to the container ( bag, basket, etc.) you used, put in a fresh bag, seal and put in garage or patio till after treatment.

  • Clothing on hangers may be left in closets if the space between the items is large enough to allow the heated air to circulate. Arrange hanging items to open up air space between them.

  • Remove all garbage from your home.

  • Floors must be free of debris & swept or vacuumed


Stuffed animals / cloth toys:

This is a great place for bed bugs to harbor. It is very important to put all soft toys thru the dryer on hottest setting for at least 30 minutes. Then place in a bag and seal till after treatment.

After treatment do not turn on any electronics till they are fully cooled down. This can take a few hours.

If you have any questions regarding the prep or treatment please call, text or e-mail us.

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