Compare BedBug Treatments


Pesticide treatment however does not eliminate bed bugs eggs and might not be able to access some of bed bugs hiding places such as within walls or other hard to reach areas. There is no pesticide that can kill bed bug eggs. One main difference is that with pesticide treatment you may still receive bed bug bites in the initial weeks as the bed bug pesticide treatment takes effect. It is possible for pesticides to eliminate a newer small infestation but as the colony grows and spreads it becomes very difficult to eliminate bed bugs. In some cases of a large infestation it requires us to use all the tools we have such as dust, pesticides & heat treatment to battle rare large infestations.

Bed Bug Bombs

Bug Bombs or often referred too as total release aerosols is not at all a good solution for eliminating bed bugs. Even if the product purchased states that it kills bed bugs on the label. Often the bed bug problem can be increased as bugs are not eliminated but spread into different rooms.


Steaming is one of the least effective methods as it needs direct contact to kill bed bugs. Also a side effects can be stimulating mold growth. It’s difficult if not impossible to impact hard to reach areas such as walls or ceilings.

Diatomaceous Earth or DE

Diatomaceous earth is not a reliable solution to use as a main defence against bed bugs. We do not recommend that you apply this to your mattresses, furniture or floors. Also, do not breath in this dust as it can be dangerous! Only a professional pest control person should apply this as they know where and how much to apply so you won’t be affected. Also their DE has a killing compound that a consumer cannot buy from the store.


Ozone generating devices are not safe to use and can cause respiratory problems including coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, and irritation of eyes, nose and throat.

Small heater rental

These heaters that you can rent online are usually too small for the space in your home. Unless you just have a tiny room to treat they are rarely effective. Also your home probably does not meet the electrical needs for a heater to have any kind of real power to eliminate bed bugs. The cost usually ends up close to the same as hiring a professional, as you will need it for days to even reach lethal temperatures. Lastly, you have no experience at heat treating. A professional knows how to properly heat, force air, proper timing in bringing up temperature, what needs to be done with your furniture during treatment etc. You can spend days trying to do this yourself, fail & then spend more on a professional or you can have us come in first & we spend 1 day to eliminate all bed bugs and eggs from your home.

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