What is Thermal Remediation?

Thermal Remediation is a chemical free treatment that uses extreme heat to kill all stages of bed bugs & their eggs.

To fight insecticide-resistant bed bugs, we use Thermal Remediation equipment, industrial electric bed bug heat treatment equipment, a powerful solution designed especially for eliminating bed bugs in hotels, universities, and multi family to single family homes, we have what it takes to free you from more insecticide spraying, and 99% of the time can guaranteed a one treatment removal.

The Thermal Remediation target temperature throughout treatment is between 45 °C (113 °F) to 57 °C (135°F), the temperature necessary for heat to penetrate bed bug harborages.

This safe, efficient, and eco-friendly method uses dry heat to eliminate the entire life cycle of bed bugs, while eliminating the application of insecticides, except in heavily infested areas.

Professional industrial equipment designed especially for the use of heat to kill bed bugs.

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