Apartment complexes can be a tricky place to eliminate bed bug populations as the pests commonly move from neighbouring units easily spreading throughout the building. Especially when you are spraying a pesticide which forces them to flee.

The use of bed bug heat treatment equipment is a highly effective way to treat bed bug infested apartments and surrounding units. When the heat in the rooms being treated gets near our body temperature, they begin to come out from their hiding spots, attracted to the heat, thinking it’s time for their next meal. Within minutes of being exposed to the heat they begin to die.

We can reach our power almost anywhere, we have gone as high as 22 floors to date. We can safely heat individual units or entire buildings using our own power. We tow a 45KW generator to power our industrial heaters with our unmarked Ram 2500 truck or our 5 ton box truck.

We can heat treat high rises, low rises, remote properties, Hotels/Motels, Commercial offices, RV’s, boats, planes etc.

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